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Aija Shrader
Member since: 2010-07-26
Member status: Basic
Location: REmilitary

About Me:
My first name is unusual! Many people say my name quite often, without even realizing it, when they say something like this: "Well, I, uh, I don't remember!" The "I, uh" part is my first name! I put a pronunciation help on my calling cards that looks like this: (eye-uh), to help people who think, "I, uh, don't remember how to say her name!"

My name is a very common name in the little country of Latvia, which is where my mother and father were born. After WWII, they had the choice of either staying or leaving their homeland forever. The Iron Curtain was about to fall, with Latvia behind it, shut off from the western world as part of the new United Soviet Socialist Republic. Not wanting to live under communism, under the tyrants who invaded and now held their country, my parents chose to live in a Displaced Persons Camp. A host family in the United States of America agreed to care for them, as immigrant refugees, until they got their feet on the ground in their new homeland. I am the first person in my family to have been born in the United States!

My mother and father both ended up as professors at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. I have followed their lead! After obtaining my Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Ohio, I fell in love and married my leading tenor, James Shrader! We sang our way through the opera houses of the Midwestern United States. When we became serious about raising a family in a stable household, we both obtained our doctoral degrees, and entered university careers. Jim is now Head of Music at Valdosta State University. Our two children have entered the musical world as well - Alek sings opera internationally with his wife, Daniela Mack, and Dorothy is an artist manager at Opus 3 in NYC. I earned a Doctor of Education degree, focusing on creativity and leadership in administration.

With both children grown up, I have once again become a student, this time, of real estate. I have my license and two certifications so far: I am PSC (Premier Service Certified) and QSC (Quality Service Certified). I have finished 60 hours of continuing education in Young Harris, GA, completing the first two levels of the GRI (Graduate REALTORĀ® Institute). Level three, and my broker's license, are my future goals. It is my background of understanding the need for thorough research, understanding how to communicate, and understanding how to achieve your goals, that I bring to the table as a Realtor. It would be my pleasure to meet you, and to work with you to help you achieve your goals as you go through this transition in your lives.
Recent Items:
3659 Knights Mill Drive in REmilitary, Military Real Estate
3659 Knights Mill Drive
5420 N Danieli Drive in REmilitary, Military Real Estate
5420 N Danieli Drive
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5975 Lake Shore Drive
7348 Tillman Branch Road in REmilitary, Military Real Estate
7348 Tillman Branch Road
4107 Eileen Court in REmilitary, Military Real Estate
4107 Eileen Court
4138 Cane Mill Circle in REmilitary, Military Real Estate
4138 Cane Mill Circle
7397 Tillman Branch Road in REmilitary, Military Real Estate
7397 Tillman Branch Road
3231 Stafford Crossing in REmilitary, Military Real Estate
3231 Stafford Crossing
4218 Addalyn Way in REmilitary, Military Real Estate
4218 Addalyn Way
2 days ago
4549 Courtland Circle in REmilitary, Military Real Estate
4549 Courtland Circle
5 days ago

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